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Business law

I provide legal expertise in all matters regarding company law. In particular during the critical phases of founding, selling and liquidating of a company.

I also help my clients setteling disputes by negotiating and/or sueing.
-by explaining the process,
-by auditing contracts,
-by analysing the tax impact.


Over-indebtedness in France

The French rules regarding over-indebtedness are extremely favourable to the debtors. They can help people who didn’t pay their credit, or who provided personal guarantees for their company, and even by people who forgot to pay their taxes.

It may be useful to know that if the debtor lives in France, he can invoke those rules even if the creditor is a foreigner, and/or if he himself is not French (Cass. 1 re civ., 10 juill. 2001, n° 00-04.104, n° 1269 FS - P + B + R Cass. 1 re civ., 2 oct. 2002, n° 01-04.025; C. consom., art. L. 333-3-1 55 Circ. 29 août 2011, NOR : EFIT20110000000C).

Business law news

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